The Best Grant Management Software for Nonprofits


June 30, 2022

Last Updated:

March 18, 2024

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow! Managing grants is so easy! And not at all time consuming!”

Believe me, neither have I.

Grant management can feel like a maze of paperwork, deadlines, and frustration. But fear not! We’re here to help revolutionize your approach to grants management.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the top-tier grant management software options that can simplify your process and elevate your productivity. Say goodbye to spreadsheet overload!

From intuitive interfaces to powerhouse features, we’ll dissect the key aspects of each tool, including price, features offered, ease of use, and user reviews, helping you find the perfect fit for your grants journey.

Let’s go!

Winning Grants Together: A Blueprint for Nonprofit Team Success

How To Evaluate Different Grant Management Software for Your Nonprofit

There are countless grant management tools out there that you could choose to use. It can be overwhelming to sift through all of the options and decide which one is right for you.

But don’t fear—we’re here to help! Before we start discussing the various software options that exist, we want to help you learn how to evaluate each one.

Here are some of the top things you should consider when you’re evaluating different grant management software.

Features Offered

It’s important to make sure that the software you choose has features that are going to set you up for success in your grant management efforts.

Some of the features to look out for include:

  • Grant Tracking Capabilities: The ability to track grant applications through every stage of the grant lifecycle, from research to drafting to submission and follow-up.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools: The ability to generate detailed reports on grant activities, grant financials, and project outcomes, with the capacity to customize reports to meet the specific needs of your funders and stakeholders.
  • Grant Discovery and Search Tools: Built-in features to help identify and filter potential good-fit grant opportunities based on specific criteria relevant to your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Budget Management: Tools for creating, managing, and tracking budgets for grant applications and awarded grants.
  • Compliance and Deadline Alerts: Automated alerts for upcoming deadlines and compliance requirements to ensure timely submissions and adherence to grantor guidelines.
  • Document Management: Centralized storage for all grant-related documents and materials, with easy access and organization capabilities.

Ease of Use

You also want your grant management software to be intuitive and easy-to-use. If it’s difficult to learn the platform or not user-friendly, it’s not likely to create efficiencies in your work.

Here are some features to look for to ensure that the platform you choose is easy to use:

  • User-Friendly Interface: An easy-to-navigate interface that is geared toward all levels of users, from beginners to the most tech-savvy.
  • Training and Support: Comprehensive training resources and responsive, easy-to-reach customer support to assist users in navigating and maximizing the software’s capabilities.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with other tools and systems such as financial accounting software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and databases to ensure the smooth flow of data and reduce manual entry efforts.
  • Collaboration Features: Support for multiple users to work on grant applications and documents simultaneously, with version control and built-in communication tools.


Price is always a consideration when you’re researching a new tool or software—especially in the nonprofit industry.

Different grant management tools come with different price points; it’s important to know what your budget is going into this process so that you can be sure to find a software that fits your needs.

While pricing can vary tremendously from tool to tool, it’s safe to assume that you will spend anywhere from $100 - $300 per month for a grant management software.

While you might initially have some sticker shock at this price, it’s important to remember that this investment will have a high ROI. You’ll be saving time and increasing your efficiency—meaning you’ll be applying for (and winning!) more grants and raising more money for your organization.

Lovel VanArsdale, Grant Administrator at Tucker’s House, doubled her team’s grant output and saved 15 hours a week on prospecting with Instrumentl!

Here’s another thing to keep in mind: sometimes you get what you pay for! Less expensive grant management tools often offer fewer features. This means you might need to invest in multiple softwares or tools to meet all of your needs, which can actually cost you more in the long run!

Reputation From Users

Finally, one of the most important things to look into as you evaluate different grant management options are reviews from current users.

If a specific grant management software has a poor reputation or a lot of unhappy users, you’ll probably want to avoid choosing it for your organization.

When you’re evaluating a grant management tool, you want to make sure to seek out word-of-mouth recommendations from colleagues in your professional network.

You can also consult reviews on websites and platforms such as Google or G2.

The Best Grant Management Software for Your Nonprofit

Now that you know how to evaluate grant management software to make the best choice for your organization, let’s review some of the top options that are out there.

Each breakdown will be organized into the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Drawbacks
  • Final Thoughts

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!



We’re going to kick things off by highlighting our grant management tool at Instrumentl. We know we’re biased, but we think it’s pretty easy to make a case for why we’re the best. Don’t worry—we’ll be fully transparent about our strengths and drawbacks.


Instrumentl is a tech-for-good service that is specifically designed to connect nonprofits with institutional donors and boost fundraising efforts.

We strongly believe that Instrumentl is the best grant management tool for grant professionals. With over 410,000 funders and 14,000+ active opportunities, Instrumentl’s database is the most comprehensive one on the market—and it’s constantly growing.

To make things even better, Instrumentl also has robust grant tracking tools that bring all the facets of grant writing and management into one place.


Instrumentl is packed full of features that will undoubtedly help you streamline your grant processes and boost your efficiency—especially when it comes to grant management. Let’s talk about a few of them in more detail.

Grant Tracker

Instrumentl’s Grant Tracker tool is built right into the platform and allows you to track and organize all of your grants in one place.

When you find and save an opportunity on Instrumentl that is a good fit, it automatically gets added to your Grant Tracker (you don’t have to do anything!)

Once your grants have been added to the tracker, you’ll see them all listed out right on your screen—check out the screenshot below.

You’ll be able to see the grant’s name, the funder, the grant deadline, the project status, and the grant award amount all in one place!

At the top, you can get a high level view of the progress you’re making toward your fundraising goals.

Within the tracker, you can also assign each grant a different status. Check out the screenshot below for all of the different status options you can choose from. This will for sure help you stay organized and on top of your workload!

Save Opportunity

Tasks and To-Dos

As a grant professional, you know how important it is to stay on top of your to-do list. Instrumentl helps with this!

Add Task

When you’re working on a grant in Instrumentl, you can add tasks, set a deadline for the task, and even assign it to a colleague to be completed. This means that your whole team is on the same page, making sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Add Task

Saved History

Instrumentl also allows you to see grants you’ve won in previous years, making sure that the full history of your grantseeking efforts is available at your fingertips. You can look at year-over-year data, go back and read through old applications and reports, and make sure you aren’t missing any opportunities that were previously funded.

Saved History

Grant Awards

Instrumentl’s “Awards” tab helps you manage your grant awards as they come in all in one place.

You can see the grant period, the amount, and important deadlines—such as when the next report is due.

Grant Awards

You can even see key stats such as:

  • Total Amount Awarded
  • Awarded Amount by Funder Type
  • Next Report Due Date
  • Number of Incomplete Tasks
Budget Tracking

Budget Tracking

Instrumentl’s Spenddown Tracking feature allows you to keep your team informed about spending for each of your grant budgets.

You can view the award amount, the amount that has been spent, and the remaining funds left to still be spent.

You can also view a budget breakdown by category—such as supplies, travel, salary, etc.—that shows how much you’ve spent in each category as well as what percent of the budget you’ve spent.

This function helps make sure your team stays on target for each grant that you’re awarded so that you're spending grant funds responsibly, correctly, and in a timely fashion.

Budget Tracking


Instrumentl is a premium grant management platform. It isn’t the cheapest database on the market. There are other tools out there that focus only specific features Instrumentl offers.

If you want to centralize your grant work and raise more, more efficiently, adopting Instrumentl as your all-in-one tool is how you will get the most value from the platform.

Conversely, if you’re a smaller nonprofit just getting started exploring grants, you may want to search for grants on for federal opportunities, or your local library usually offers free access to Foundation Directory Online.

Learn why the investment is worthwhile through a 14-day free trial; no credit card is required.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the bottom line on Instrumentl: it is a robust solution tailored for nonprofits who are aiming to amplify their grant-seeking efforts.

Instrumentl combines all of the most critical grant management features into one, easy-to-use platform. You’ll be able to track your tasks and to-do’s, accurately manage grant budgets, identify good-fit funding opportunities, and access friendly customer support whenever you need it.

2. Fluxx


Fluxx is a cloud-based grant management software that is available to both grantmakers and grant seekers.

It caters to nonprofit organizations of all sizes, as well as government agencies and corporations. The Fluxx Grantseeker tools allows you to track grants and funders, collaborate with your team, assign tasks and set deadlines, and generate reports on your fundraising results to share with key stakeholders.



Fluxx is a powerful and popular tool. It offers an array of features that can definitely help you level up your grant-seeking game, such as:

  • Tracking grants and funders all in one place
  • Setting tasks and assigning deadlines to manage work across your team
  • Reporting functionality to report on the progress of individual grants
  • Tracking funding progress
  • Easy-to-use grant interface for all levels of users

With a Premium subscription, you unlock additional features such as:

  • Google Drive & calendar integration
  • Email notifications reminding you of deadlines and tasks
  • Program management tools so you can allocate and visualize your grant awards across different programs
Additional Features

Fluxx offers a few different subscription plans, ranging from Premium at $14.99/month to Enterprise at $129/month. Higher-level plans get you access to more tools and functionality, so keep in mind that your ROI will vary based on which tier of membership you select.


No tool is perfect. The biggest drawback about Fluxx is that it is designed primarily for grantmakers versus grantseekers.

The Grantseeker tool offers basic functionality, as we discussed above, but lacks some of the more robust, automated features that other platforms have. This means that you’ll be missing out on things like automatic deadline reminders, smart-matching to new opportunities, and the ability to manage individual grant projects.

The price jump from the basic subscription to the Premium level may also be a consideration for nonprofits who have limited budgets for an investment into this type of software.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Fluxx appears to be a tool better-suited to grantmakers versus grantseekers.

3. GrantStation


GrantStation is designed to help nonprofits and other organizations find new grant opportunities, build a strong grantseeking program, and successfully win grant proposals. In addition to thousands of funder profiles, GrantStation offers a suite of resources to enhance your grant writing, management, and development efforts.



GrantStation is well-known in the grant professional industry, and for good reason. This tool offers some really powerful, robust features. Check it out:

  • Prospecting tools such as active RFP’s and RFP profiles
  • A cache of resources on how to write proposals and how to build a grantseeking strategy
  • The ability to save funders and RFPs to your personalized dashboard so that you can prioritize your leads
  • Email notifications/updates when funders change deadlines or priorities
  • A relatively affordable price point: $179 per year


As with any tool or resource, GrantStation also has some drawbacks. Here are a few areas where GrantStation is lacking:

  • Doesn’t provide (or link to) foundation profiles
  • No smart matching to good-fit opportunities
  • No post-award tools or management functions
  • No built-in functionality to support collaboration or document storage

Final Thoughts

GrantStation is a good choice if you’re looking for a platform that is primarily focused on finding funders and RFP’s.

However, the lack of smart-matching technology means that you’ll have to invest your time and energy into determining whether those opportunities are a good fit for your project and program. Additionally, the lack of project management tools mean that you’ll also need to invest in other solutions or softwares to manage your grants effectively. Despite the lower price point on this tool, it’s unlikely you’ll see a huge ROI based on its limited features.

4. Granthub


Granthub is an online grant management software for nonprofits and grant consultants designed to help increase efficiencies and win grants.



GrantHub is designed to manage the pre and post-award grant process, from applying for funding to closing out the grant. You can manage your entire portfolio - including all of your grant applications - in a centralized location, helping you stay organized, maintain compliance, and preserve institutional knowledge.

You can also prioritize upcoming tasks, set reminders for yourself and your team, and copy events and deadlines to your calendar. This ensures your team is on the same page and never misses a deadline!


One of the primary drawbacks of GrantHub is that, although it offers impressive features for grant management, it lacks the tools to also support your prospect research and grant discovery efforts.

GrantHub’s discovery tools are powered by their partner platforms, GrantStation and Guidestar, meaning that you’re still bouncing between different platforms and websites to conduct prospect research.

Final Thoughts

While GrantHub offers useful tools to help with grant management and project management, it lacks the capacity to effectively support prospect research and grant seeking efforts as well. If you’re looking for a tool to help with you the full grant lifecycle, from prospect research to closeout, this is not the tool for you.

5. GrantWatch


Florida-based platform GrantWatch is one of the leading grant discovery platforms in the country. This software is unique in that it offers some free features in addition to a more exclusive suite of tools that require a subscription.



The main selling point of this platform is its extensive database, which allows users to search for grants by recipient type, location, category/focus area, and deadlines. Be aware that full access to complete funder information as well as access to RFP links is a feature for paid subscribers only.

When it comes to grant tracking, both free and paid members can access “My Grants Calendar” to organize your opportunities and submissions.


GrantWatch offers an extensive database for grant seekers, but falls short on project and grant management tools. Without tools such as application trackers, automated deadline reminders, or the ability to collaborate with team members, this platform will likely leave you wanting more.

Final Thoughts

GrantWatch is a good basic tool for grant search and prospect research, particularly for nonprofits that are small or have limited budgets for these tools. However, it lacks the management features and tools to make it an effective solution for grant management.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right grant management software is crucial for your organization’s success.

Remember these key factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Essential features
  • Integration capabilities
  • Collaboration tools
  • Budget management
  • Document management
  • Pricing
  • User feedback and reputation

Each software has its pros and cons. We wholeheartedly believe that Instrumentl is the best option for medium to large nonprofits looking to scale their grant-seeking efforts.

Are you ready to upgrade your grant management game? Give Instrumentl a try and see how it works firsthand to level-up your fundraising efforts. Start your 14-day free trial today!

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