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April 11, 2023

The Best Nonprofit Conferences in 2022

The Best Nonprofit Conferences in 2022

Every year, nonprofit professionals have the chance to gather at nonprofit conferences to talk about the state of the social industry. Most organizations switched to virtual event models in 2020, prioritizing safety in the face of evolving COVID-19 restrictions.

As 2022 progresses, the resurgence of in-person conferences will expand the possibilities for interaction and cooperation in nonprofit workshops.

This article will help you discover the best nonprofit conferences for 2022. These conferences will energize and equip you to tackle your nonprofit's yearly goals, give guidance on how to grow your organization, and help you increase your nonprofit’s position within the ever-evolving social sector.

What is Discussed at a Nonprofit Conference?

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Working in the nonprofit sector has many benefits but can occasionally be a thankless job.

By attending nonprofit conferences, one can refocus and re-energize their everyday nonprofit mission and efforts to best help others around them through collaboration with industry leaders and like-minded professionals. A nonprofit conference is important as it allows members to socialize and discuss topics related to their industry and organizational mission.

Each nonprofit conference is different and addresses different topics. Some of the most commonly discussed topics at nonprofit conferences include:

  1. Exploring opportunities for funding, including grants, fundraising events, and establishing monthly donors.
  2. How to better engage supporters to grow your nonprofit's support base through social media.
  3. How to accurately measure the effectiveness of your nonprofit.
  4. How to implement strategies to grow your organization.
  5. How to recruit and mobilize volunteers around your mission and vision.
  6. Creating strategic partnerships with local businesses and other nonprofit organizations.
  7. How to evaluate if your fundraising efforts have a successful ROI beyond fundraising dollars.
  8. Refocusing your nonprofit's mission, vision, values, and goals.

Nonprofit staff members and volunteers alike have the chance to fill their cups, which often run half full, at conferences with a focus on networking, strategic growth, increasing fundraising, and other nonprofit-emphasized topics.

Often, nonprofit organizations find they are struggling. After attending a conference and breakout workshops, they walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and have added new tactics, plans, strategies, and practices to move their organization forward.

How We Evaluated the Best Nonprofit Conferences


Each year, hundreds of nonprofit events are held across America. It can be overwhelming to determine which conference is best suited for you and your nonprofit. In addition to that, the conferences have a wide range of topics, prices, and locations, making it even harder to decipher which conference packs the most punch for your organizational goals.

Relax, we have you covered! While there is no black-and-white metric for determining which nonprofit conferences offer the most bang for your buck, we dug deeper into dozens of nonprofit conferences across America to help you find the right one for you and your organization.

We analyzed what each conference offers attendees, and the average cost, mission, and length of the conference. If that wasn’t enough, we also reviewed the workshops, guest speakers, as well as reviews from previous attendees to put together the nine best nonprofit conferences offered across America for the rest of 2022.

Let's be honest, a lot of conferences are worthy of being on this list, but as 2022 concludes, any one of these nine conferences will be sure to end your nonprofit’s year on a high note and set you up for success in 2023.

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9 of the Best Nonprofit Conferences


Looking for the top nonprofit conferences to mark on your calendar to finish 2022 out strong? Great news, you have arrived at the right location because we have compiled a list of nine of the season's must-attend nonprofit leadership, marketing, and fundraising conferences.

No matter what position you hold in the nonprofit sector, or if you are just looking to get started in this space, we are sure you'll discover something that motivates you to develop your network and further your nonprofit expertise and passion.

In-person nonprofit conferences made a welcomed return in 2022, but some of the events on this list also offer hybrid and virtual choices for attendees. The following nonprofit conferences are fantastic ways to connect with others who understand what you're going through, even amidst virtual environments.

Here is a list of nine of the top nonprofit conferences remaining in 2022 that will help ensure the success of your nonprofit organization:

  1. Upswell
  2. The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit
  3. Nonprofit POWER
  4. Raise
  5. Salesforce Dreamforce Conference
  6. TNPA's Rising Leaders Summit
  7. bbcon 2022
  8. AAWA Fall Conference
  9. QGiv Conference

1. Upswell Summit

Where: Online

When: November 15, 2022

Mission: Help nonprofits with marketing and fundraising.

Cost: TBD

What to Expect: The Upswell Summit is a must-attend online gathering that will focus on creating fearless thinkers and the best tactics for constructing a robust and culturally equitable country. This conference will discuss what the current political climate means for our communities, as well as look ahead to 2023.

2. The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit

Where: Kansas City, Missouri

When: September 20–22, 2022

Mission: To develop innovative marketing and online fundraising.

Cost: General Admission = $1,295.00 Add-on workshops = $300 each

What to Expect: For nonprofit marketers and fundraisers aiming to expand their online fundraising, the Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is a must-attend event. Each of the speakers is hand-selected and top authority in fundraising innovation and marketing.

Attendees will engage in practical training sessions, learn tried-and-true methods from keynote speakers, and get all the resources needed to expand their nonprofits' online fundraising efforts. Participants will gain new insights and ideas from a community of nonprofit marketers and fundraisers that are looking for the most cutting-edge solutions and tactics to increase their revenue through extended networking possibilities.

3. NonProfit POWER

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When: December 5–6, 2022

Mission: Assist nonprofit organizations with fundraising, operations, and technology, as well as growth strategies.

Cost: Free for qualified attendees via an online application, including all travel, food, hotels and related expenses.

What to Expect: NonProfit POWER is an invitation-only summit designed to assist nonprofit leaders in fundraising efforts, as well as make it possible for leaders from various nonprofit sectors to interact, share ideas, and form connections.

For qualifying attendees, NonProfit POWER is a totally free program. Participants learn about the newest peer-to-peer fundraising approaches, direct marketing initiatives, and fundraising technology solutions.

4. Raise

Where: In person in Chicago, Illinois, and virtually online

When: September 12–13, 2022

Mission: Provide new fundraising strategies and resources for nonprofit organizations.

Cost: $129.00

What to Expect: The Raise Conference agenda is jam-packed with intriguing speakers, dynamic workshops, and market-leading information. Guests will have the opportunity to join various breakout sessions including detailed learning about event and auction fundraising, donor engagement, online giving, branding, and how to properly tell your nonprofit’s story. 

5. Salesforce Dreamforce Conference

Where: San Francisco, California

When: September 20-22, 2022

Mission: Offer its attendees a well-rounded experience in nonprofit organizational growth, marketing, and networking strategies.

Cost: $1,999 and has limited availability.

What to Expect: Salesforce Dreamforce Conference is the biggest software conference in the world in 2022 and offers its guests unparalleled learning opportunities. Those in attendance will discover new methods to succeed, as they get a hands-on learning experience with the best technology available. Guests also have the unique opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with industry experts and technology specialists.

6. TNPA's Rising Leaders Summit

Where: New York, New York

When: September 22, 2022

Mission: To teach nonprofit organizational leaders to balance we, me, and the community.

Cost: There are various levels of costs, and seating is capped at 90 attendees.

- Member of nonprofit = $220

- Corporate Member = $270

- Future Nonprofit Member= $245

What to Expect: Peer discussions and podium speakers are integrated at the Rising Leaders Summit, offering guests ample opportunities to listen to industry leaders, as well as ask them questions in breakout sessions.

This conference utilizes state-of-the-art techniques for facilitating meetings that encourage thoughtful discussion and raise the level of expertise present. The attendees' own organizations will benefit from their use of these facilitation tools and techniques to ensure all opinions are heard, encourage increased participation, and foster creativity.

7. bbcon 2022

Where: Virtual

When: October 17–18, 2022

Mission: To network, share nonprofit-related hot topics, and develop actionable strategies to help your nonprofit organization grow.

Cost: Free

What to Expect: Guests can expect to laugh, learn, and leave with a lot of new resources and inspiration at the bbcon 2022 conference. Those in attendance will learn from the world's best experts like Glennon Doyle, on current events and emerging trends that will change how nonprofits present themselves moving into 2023.

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8. AAWA Fall Conference

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

When: November 14–16, 2022

Mission: To assist nonprofit organizations with internal and external communications, analysis, and strategic planning.

Cost: Free, with the option for $35 on-site daily parking

What to Expect: The AAWA Fall Conference is a must-attend for nonprofits serving animal welfare. Some of the key topics include internal and external nonprofit communications, how to create strategic workforces, and learning from the American Bar Association about animal laws.

9. QGiv Conference

Where: Orlando, Florida

When: October 2–4, 2022

Mission: This conference offers its attendees hands-on workshops about best fundraising practices and ample opportunities to network with QGiv staff and peers.

Cost: $500

What to Expect: The Qgiv Conference is a great Florida fundraising event if you work in the nonprofit sector. At this yearly event, guests will improve their organizational abilities through on-site workshop training, get first access to upcoming tools and features, hear from professionals in the nonprofit sector, and network with others in similar fields.

This event is for anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their nonprofit’s fundraising, searching for creative inspiration, and wanting to network with fundraising experts.

Wrapping Up: Best Nonprofit Conferences in 2022


The bottom line is there is no one "best" nonprofit conference. Instead, it all boils down to the subject matters you want to learn more about, the speakers you want to hear from, the skills you want to acquire, and the network you want to rub shoulders with.

For instance, attending a nonprofit fundraising conference might be a good idea if you want to learn more about digital donations and online fundraising. While it may be wiser to attend a nonprofit technology conference if you'd like to learn more about how to implement the latest technology to increase your marketing and point of sales systems.

While some nonprofit conferences have a more narrow and focused approach, others cover a broad range of topics. It all depends on what you want to learn and where your nonprofit’s current goals are situated.

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