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March 6, 2023

Fluxx Grantseeker Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?


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January 24, 2023

If you’ve been shopping around for cloud-based grant management tools, you’ve probably run across Fluxx Grantseeker. Fluxx is a venture-funded San Francisco-based software as a service (SaaS) company serving the philanthropic sector.

Wondering if your nonprofit should invest in Fluxx Grantseeker to boost its fundraising efforts? Let’s take a look at Fluxx Grantseeker pricing, features, and how it compares to alternative tools to find out.

Fluxx's Pricing at a Glance

Fluxx Grantseeker Pricing at a Glance

When it comes to choosing a grant management and discovery tool, cost is almost always one of the largest considerations for nonprofits.

If you’re curious how much Fluxx costs, you’re in luck. Fluxx Grantseeker pricing comes in three tiers, Basic, Premium, and Prospecting. Each tier has different features, and the pricing reflects this.

We’ll take a deeper dive into these different pricing tiers and what each of them offer in a later section.

Fluxx Grantseeker’s Key Features

Key Features

All SaaS products have features that are designed to meet the needs of their customers. Fluxx is no stranger to that notion, but it’s important to realize that originally Fluxx was built for grantmakers—not grantseekers.

It was later that Fluxx realized nonprofits could benefit from their technology, so they created Grantseeker. Today they offer both Fluxx Grantmaker and Fluxx Grantseeker. Fluxx Grantmaker is designed for foundations, whether family, private, or corporate.

To help you decide whether Fluxx is the right tool for your organization, let’s jump in and look at the features of Fluxx Grantseeker and how some of them might benefit your nonprofit’s funding efforts.

Finding New Funders

Being able to research funders and find different grant opportunities is essential to most nonprofit’s fundraising strategies.

While Fluxx does allow users to view foundation profiles and search for funders, this feature is only available within the top pricing tier of Fluxx Grantseeker—Prospecting.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of Fluxx Grantseeker is that it doesn’t provide users the ability to find or view active RFPs. This means that organizations might have to invest in additional grant prospecting tools to research and find active funding opportunities.

Tracking Prospect Research and Submissions

Fluxx Grantseeker is primarily designed as a grant management tool, allowing users to save both prospects and notes, track grant proposals submitted, as well as build a grant calendar.

But Fluxx Grantseeker doesn’t provide users with notices of upcoming deadlines or update you if a funder has changed a deadline or a focus area. In other words, you have to put in additional effort to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Collaboration and Reporting

One of the nice things built into Fluxx Grantseeker is its collaborative tools for teams.

Multiple users can collaborate on a project and Fluxx offers a shared document library for frequently used documents like your IRS letter proving nonprofit status, an overall organization budget, your board list, and the like. Grant managers can also assign tasks, making sure that everyone on their teams understands what they are responsible for.

But unfortunately, Fluxx doesn’t allow users to store application responses.


Fluxx Grantseeker boasts a user-friendly and modern interface. But, it doesn’t allow users to organize their work by projects. That means you’ll have to search for which project you’re tracking and what funding opportunities fit which projects.

Bottom line, Fluxx Grantseeker is a good tool for grants management. However, with no ability to view active RFPs and only being able to research funders at the most expensive price point, it doesn’t offer users the ability to prospect or manage their entire grants pipeline.

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A Closer Look at Fluxx Grantseeker’s Pricing Plans


Let’s get a bit more detailed about pricing for Fluxx Grantseeker and what is offered in each available tier.


The free option of Fluxx Grantseeker allows unlimited users to manage an unlimited number of grants, grant requests, and payments. It also allows users to assign unlimited tasks, track unlimited funders, and track your organization’s impact.

You’ll also be able to pull reports for your management and for funders to track impact. Small nonprofits and sole practitioner consultants might enjoy this free version for grant management.

However, with the free option of Fluxx, you can’t find new funders, nor can you integrate deadlines into your master grant calendar. You won’t have the option of adding custom fields or pulling reports in Excel. And, of course, you won’t be able to prospect for new funding opportunities. Fluxx Grantseeker’s free version is limited to basic grant management and tracking.


The Premium tier of Fluxx Grantseeker is $14.99 per month and is better suited for medium-sized nonprofits. It provides users with all of the functionality of the Free tier, along with the following add-ins:

  • Program Budgeting
  • Advanced Excel Exports
  • Advanced Data Visualizations
  • Integration with Google Drive
  • Opportunity Management
  • Email Reminders of Upcoming Deadlines
  • Tag Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • Creation of Custom Fields
  • Reports
  • Interactive Grant Timelines

However, the Premium tier, although more comprehensive than the Free tier, doesn’t allow you to find new funding opportunities, input notes about funders, access funder contribution reports, or view organizational details.


The Prospecting price tier offers all of the features of Free and Premium, but includes even more bells and whistles. For $39.99 per month, or $479.88 per year, you also have access to:

  • Advanced Funder Search
  • Funder Contribution Reports
  • Organization Details
  • Bookmarking, Notes, and Prioritization Tools

The Prospecting tier is a solution designed for nonprofits with development operations who are doing funder research as well as applying for grants. It can also be used by consultants and agencies doing research for their nonprofit clients.

Is There a Better Fluxx Grantseeker Alternative?

Decision Making

Fluxx Grantseeker is a good tool for grants management, but is there a better alternative?

Thought you’d never ask.

There is. It’s Instrumentl.

Whether you work in a large development shop, are an executive director whose duties include grant research and writing, or are an independent freelance grant writer, you’ll find Instrumentl has helpful and comprehensive features not found with Fluxx Grantseeker.

Instrumentl offers all the grant management tools that Fluxx does, along with more robust features to help you find funding opportunities faster. Let’s take a look.

Overall, Instrumentl offers the following user-friendly features:

  • Active RFPs & RFP profiles
  • Foundation profiles, including past grantees searchable by NTEE Code and location, year after year average and median grant amounts, openness to new grantees, and other details derived from IRS 990 data
  • Recipient profiles / reverse search allowing you to look up grantees similar to your organization and who funded them
  • Smart matching to RFPs
  • Smart matching to foundation profiles
  • Note storage
  • Storage of prospects
  • Grant calendar and tracker
  • Weekly reminder emails of upcoming deadlines
  • Easy grants management
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Easy to use reporting function by download (PDF and CSV)
  • Document library
  • Ability to create and assign tasks and benchmarks
  • Reusable library of past application responses
  • Project creation
  • A modern, user-friendly interface

Let’s take a look at some of Instrumentl’s top features in closer detail.

Finding New RFPs and Funders

Instrumentl Finding New RFPs and Funders

Instrumentl allows subscribers to find active RFPs and RFP profiles. Its smart matching technology works in the background for you, sending you updates on good-fit funders and RFPs, even when you’re not logged on.

Smart matching is a huge benefit for prospect researchers and grant writers. It helps uncover new funding opportunities you weren’t aware of. And, having detailed foundation profiles helps you focus in on the best opportunities for your nonprofit, reducing the time you usually would spend on vetting prospective funders.

Tracking Prospect Research and Submissions

Instrumentl Tracking Prospect Research and Submissions

Just like Fluxx, Instrumentl allows you to save prospects and notes, track submissions and deadlines, and manage your grant pipeline. But, there’s more.

Instrumentl’s automatic (or automagical) technology sends out deadline reminders directly to your inbox. It also provides updates if a deadline has changed, or if a funder has changed their interests or priorities.

Take for instance, the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1962, the foundation traditionally funded arts, science, health and human services. In 2012, after a new executive director arrived, those priorities changed, and the foundation went “all in” on the arts. That kind of dramatic change can give unwary grant writers and their organizations whiplash. With Instrumentl’s funder updates, you’ll no longer be taken by surprise.

Collaboration and Reporting

Instrumentl Collaboration and Reporting

Instrumentl’s built-in collaboration features are comparable to those of Fluxx Grantseeker’s. Besides team-wide collaboration, Instrumentl allows users to easily pull reports in either PDF or CSV formats, has a document library, and simplifies management by allowing users to assign tasks.


Instrumentl Fluxx Comparison

One of Instrumentl’s most unique features is the ability to build separate projects. For instance, if you’re raising money at a university, you may have various departments and projects within them requiring funding. The project feature in Instrumentl helps grant seekers to be organized and also enables Instrumentl’s smart matching algorithms to find good matches for each of your projects.

Take advantage of Instrumentl’s free 14-day no obligation trial. We believe after you’ve done a test-run of Instrumentl, you’ll be convinced it is the best all-in-one grant seeking, management, and collaboration tool available today.

You get comprehensive grant research tools along with robust grant management all in one easy-to-use package with Instrumentl.

Instrumentl Subscription Plans

Bottom line: Fluxx may be cheaper, but you don’t get all the time-saving and intuitive features offered by Instrumental. What does that mean for you and your team? With Fluxx, you’ll have to spend more time researching and vetting the funding fit and even invest in additional tools to help you find active funding opportunities.

Wrapping Up: Fluxx Grantseeker Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?


If you’re currently using Fluxx Grantseeker, you probably can’t imagine life without it. But what if you could do grant discovery on the same platform you’re using for grant management? Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s with Instrumentl. You won’t even need to enter your credit card information. We’re convinced—if you try it, you’ll like it. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

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