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April 11, 2023

Gift Ideas for Grant Writers

Gift Ideas for Grant Writers

If you are looking for a place to find the best gift ideas for grant writers, stay with us!

Giving gifts to grant writers shows them your profound appreciation for the work they do to help your nonprofit secure greatly needed funds through grant awards.

In this article, we will be recommending gift ideas that will make your grant writers happy and prepared to write to the best of their ability.

Gift Ideas for Tackling Writer’s Block

Most grant writers are considered miracle workers and changemakers for their ability to use their writing skills to transform words into social impact.

However, we all know that writers every once in a while need to tackle their writer's block. These mental blocks could be the result of various different things: fear of failure, constant internal contradiction, lack of time or distraction, etc.

Listed below are some gift ideas for grant writers that will help them overcome their writer’s block!

Writer’s Blocks 

The Writer’s Blocks are a great handmade gift for grant writers who need help revamping their creative side.

Available on Etsy, Writer’s Blocks are solid wood blocks featuring the most famous works of worldwide acknowledged authors.

These blocks are also a fantastic decoration for desks, tables, and bookshelves. They are a unique piece of design that introduce you to the greatest writers’ works.

According to the reviews, recipients loved the quality of this gift and found inspiration in the quotes and their fun style.

Ideal for: grant writers who love to read and are passionate about literature (especially Shakespeare).

The Writer's Toolbox

This next innovative gift for grant writers will definitely inspire creativity.

The Writer’s Toolbox is a game that was developed by a creative writing teacher: it includes a kit with a 64-page booklet of exercises and instructions that helps foster the "right-brain" approach to writing.

The Writer’s Toolbox offers great starting points for writing and its fun prompts can help boost creativity.

Recipients of this gift also stated that “with little ingenuity you can adapt this to virtually any story, you don't have to go off the idea pieces verbatim, find another way to weave the concept or idea into your theme/setting etc”.

Ideal for: any grant writer who likes to get inspired in a playful manner.

Gift Ideas for Grant Proposal Planning

When planning to write a grant proposal, it is very important to research the grant making agency's guidelines and expectations to ensure that everything is clear before you begin writing. These next gifts will help even the most seasoned grant writers keep their work on the right track.

Grant Proposal Workbook

This Grant Proposal Workbook will help your grant writer create the best grant proposal quickly.

Available on Etsy, the workbook contains tips, questions, and suggestions to assist with grant proposal planning and will help your grant writer stay focused and find the perfect words to craft compelling proposals. This workbook has over 25 pages that include grant templates and cover letters, and its style is absolutely captivating!

Reviewers of this workbook have commented that it contains a wealth of information that provides clarity and inspiration.

Ideal for: grant writers that love staying organized and being accurate.


If you really want to give your grant writer a gift of great value to showcase your appreciation, there’s nothing better than a subscription to Instrumentl.

You could consider buying a subscription for a couple of months or a yearly subscription depending on your available resources.

Compared to other databases on the market, Instrumentl is the only tool that brings grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place.

Grant writers can benefit from Instrumentl’s intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be learned in an hour. Among the many features that will make a difference in the planning phase of the grant process are tools for creating a grant project, assigning tasks to team members to ensure the project is on track, and storing notes for smooth collaboration.

Ideal for: any professional grant writer ready to bring their (and your) nonprofit to the next level with the help of an efficient and smart database.

This will be a gift that keeps on giving!

Gift Ideas for Grantwriter Professional Development

In the life of any grant writer, professional development is crucial.

Grant writers can skyrocket their skills and business results with the right professional development opportunities.

Let’s dig deeper to see what some of the best gift ideas for grant writers' professional development are.

Grant Professionals Association Membership

If your grant writer is not yet a member of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), this gift will absolutely make a difference in their career!

A membership will cost you only $220 (one year subscription) and the benefits provided to your grant writer will be extraordinary.

Members receive access to education, professional development, publications, a large network of contacts through the local chapter, the Annual Conference, and discounts on grant training, software, office supplies, insurance, etc.

GPA has a growing international and affiliate chapter membership of over 3,100 active members in the grants profession. Instrumentl is proud to be a partner of the GPA.

Ideal for: grant writers who wish to stay current with their field and enjoy being part of a professional network.

The Grantsmanship Center

The Grantsmanship Center offers training and publications on grant writing to help both private and public nonprofit organizations plan for effective grantmaking.

Grant writers could benefit from their training on submitting compelling grant proposals and creating earning opportunities.

The costs of training will vary based on the length and topic of the training; it may not be a cheap investment, but the results will be worth it!

Grant writers will learn how to plan programs, develop logical and strong proposals, master powerful research tools, and build partnerships in order to increase impact, all while being guided by caring mentors and trainers.

Ideal for: grant writers eager to learn and grow in their careers.

Self-Care Gift Ideas for Grant Writers

The grant writing season can be extremely stressful for grant writers! Both their minds and their bodies will need to recharge and recover after it.

Find below some great ideas for self-care gifts for grants professionals.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Pinch Me Therapy Dough is an innovative aromatherapy dough created by Nancy Rothner, a clinical hypnotherapist specialized in stress reduction. It is a simple, holistic stress reduction tool.

Akin to Play-Doh, this therapy dough is enhanced with a more tactile, textured feel and relaxing adult scents such as Spa, Ocean, Surf, and Relief.

Users appreciate its smell, texture, feel, sensory grounding, and the possibility of squeezing the stress away.

Sometimes the simplest of things have the biggest impacts!

Ideal for: grant writers that need relief from stress and overthinking.

Dosaze Ultimate Comfort Pillow

This last year has been one of a kind, according to everyone. Maybe we all need to take a nap and dream better dreams for the new year to come!

The Dosaze Ultimate Comfort Pillow provides cradling support and alignment for your neck, making it an ideal pillow for those who meditate before they fall asleep, and it comes with a 60-day sleep trial guarantee.

People with neck pain who’ve received this gift have been amazed that they woke up without pain or without feeling fatigued.

Ideal for: grant writers who put in hard work and deserve good sleep to unwind.

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Thank You Gifts for Grant Writers

Saying thank you to your grant writers is very important and there’s no better way to do it than by giving a small gift of appreciation.

Coffee Mug

Grant writers tend to drink too much coffee when under pressure.

When a grant writer is under a tight deadline, you might just need to drop a coffee on their desk and go away as swiftly as the wind!

There are many types of super cute coffee mugs for grant writers out there, so it might be difficult to pick one.

This particular one is available on Coffee Press and will help show your grant writer how awesome you think they are. All styles are available to showcase personality and humor. They also sell T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, aprons, and magnets.

Ideal for: any grant writer who deserves to be proud of his/her success and loves coffee.

Custom Mugs

Perhaps you like the idea of giving your grant writer a mug as a present, but you want to customize it as you like.

Made of high quality ceramics, this mug is a perfect choice for a personalized gift that is inexpensive and sure to put a smile on your grant writer’s face. The design will be printed on both sides of the mug.

You can add your personalization at checkout and the result is guaranteed!

Ideal for: grant writers who appreciate small personal touches and have a love for coffee.

Other Gift Ideas for Grantwriters

Let’s say you don’t like to buy gifts that fall into any specific category but rather prefer to get inspired and go with the flow.

Listed below are some gift ideas that will put a smile on your grant writer’s face and will make a long-lasting impact.

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Keyboard

The Qwekywriter S Typewriter is a perfect gift if you really want to make the life of your grant writer inspiring!

This old fashioned typewriter keyboard is compatible with the Apple iPad Pro and has a built-in integrated tablet stand that can comfortably be used with up to 10.5 inch screens. It can also hold most 12 inch tablets that are less than 5/8 inch thick, including the new iPad Pro 12 inch.

Grant writers will definitely appreciate typing on this keyboard. It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a wired USB mode. People who received this enjoyed using it as “a great way to get a typewriter-like experience in the digital world”.

Designed for professionals and typers, the Qwerkywriter performs at the highest level without dropping any letters.

Ideal for: any grant writer who likes going back in time without losing the advantages of contemporary technology!

Gift Card 

Music is a vital resource for finding concentration and inspiration.

The grant writer in your life will greatly appreciate you paying for their favorite music streaming service.

Many writers enjoy listening to Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music Unlimited, and you can purchase a gift card at any Target near you.

Pick the one you like the most and let the good vibes fill the room!

Ideal for: any grant writer who needs music to let his/her creativity flow freely.

Wrapping Up: Gift Ideas for Grant Writers

We truly hope that you enjoyed our selection of gift ideas for grant writers.

There are many types of gifts that can give a boost to your grant writer’s self esteem and motivation. No matter what gift you choose, whether it's a game, a coffee mug, a gift card, or a self-care tool, we trust that you will pick the one that reflects your grant writer's interests and needs best.

If you can invest more to showcase your gratitude, a subscription to Instrument will help your grant writer achieve the greatest results through its grant planning features, such as saved projects, assigned tasks, and shared notes to meet every milestone.

Never tried Instrumentl? Create your free account today to find new grants for your nonprofit here.

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