Grant Writing Memes & Jokes: The Best List Grant Writers Can Relate To

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September 23, 2021

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October 28, 2021

While grant writing is a meaningful and rewarding job, we get that it can be a bit demanding and stressful too.

Whether you are in the midst of completing a grant before a deadline or just need some camaraderie throughout your normal work day, enjoying the humor in this post can help to lighten your load.

Plus, learn how you can add fun to your day and laugh with other grant professionals by creating funny grant writing memes of your own.

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Grant Writing Humor You Can Relate To

Grant Writing Humor

Anytime that you feel drained from grant writing, you might need a laugh about the work you do. Here are some familiar things you may experience in your role that other grant professionals are sure to relate to!

  • You have several go-to tricks to whittle a 500 character paragraph down to a 250 character paragraph.
  • You have such impressive attention to detail that you enjoy finding unusual tidbits on Form 990’s.
  • You often think about evaluations, budgets, and project feasibility in everyday life.
  • You know all of the census data about your community.
  • Spreadsheets and new organizational grant tools excite you.
  • You know the rollercoaster of slowly waiting for information and then speedily entering it into a grant application in the rush to a deadline.
  • You have an unusually large supply of sticky notes at all times.
  • When nonprofit staff hear your role, they assume you can solve all of their money problems.
  • You are willing to work all hours of the night, while you’re sick, during holidays, in thunderstorms, in order to meet a grant deadline.
  • You have thought about writing “please just give us the money” in a grant application.

General Relatable Grant Writing Memes

1. Grant application questions are always a challenge you know you can overcome.

2. Sometimes, funders’ questions just stump you. What to do?

3. But, you know how to show that your organization is a good match for the funder, no matter how convoluted.

4. We all need perseverance to complete the writing and editing of a grant proposal. Like a persistent typo:

5. When you request specific information from your grants team, it can seem tedious to them but you do it anyway because you know it will be worth it (and they will thank you later).

6. Sometimes though, you just want to take a shortcut in justifying why you need the funding for your project.


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Pre-Proposal Grant Writing Memes

7. We all know the feeling of trying to get a lot of information from multiple people to get a project off the ground.

8. But then your grant team is awesome and you believe you can make the organization’s vision a reality.

9. No matter how often we give feedback asking for them, these types of grants are hard to find.

10. Even after reading 65 pages of an RFP, the application can still be ambiguous.

11. When you meet with your team to hear their ideal vision, and then calculate what you can do with the available budget:

Submission Deadline Grant Writing Memes

12. We’ve all been there, when you’ve asked for information from your grants team weeks ago, and they are dismissing the deadline you gave them.

13. Or when you find out an extra detail at the last minute that you’ll also need to submit:

14. When a deadline is  close and there is still much work to be done:

15. When all of the deadlines seem to happen at the same time.

Reporting Grant Writing Memes

16. When it will be extra tricky to adequately describe the project outcomes to meet the funder’s satisfaction:

17. The feeling when you write to please the funder and impress them enough to consider funding you again next year:

18. Enjoying reporting your nonprofit's hard work and success!

19. And ultimately, being grateful for how much the organization can achieve with funding partnership.

You Know You're a Grant Writer When... Memes

20. You got excited just from reading this possibility!

21. You always enjoy discussing proper grammar.

22. You have sticky notes around your office to keep you “organized.”

23. You’re still surprised at the amount of time it takes to upload the completed grant onto the online submission system.

24. When there are so many details to remember, but you have the competence to pull it off.

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How to Make Your Own Grant Writing Meme

Wrapping Things Up: The Best List of Grant Writing Memes

Grant Writing Meme

The grant writing profession can at times be a unique role to play in an organization, so it’s great when you can foster community with other grant writers.

Knowing there are other professionals who understand your job can boost morale, allowing you to  keep working to make a difference in the world.

We hope you found these memes relatable and they offered stress relief from grant writing!

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