GrantStation Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?

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January 30, 2023

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February 15, 2023

There are several helpful grant discovery platforms available for nonprofits to make use of.

In this handy guide, you will learn all about the grant discovery platform GrantStation and its pricing options and receive a comprehensive breakdown of what your organization will get with a subscription to this platform.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of GrantStation pricing options and whether there is a better alternative for your organization.

Let’s dive in!

GrantStation's Pricing at a Glance

Price Tag

GrantStation is an online platform that helps nonprofits and other grantseeking organizations identify funders and opportunities.

GrantStation also provides a robust compendium of guides, resources, and learning tools available to both individuals and organizations. These educational resources help users become more familiar with the grants process and provide additional guidance on how to grow an organization’s fundraising program.

So how much does a subscription to GrantStation cost?

GrantStation’s pricing structure is very straightforward. All users receive the same benefits and can access the same features but the amount they pay changes depending on how long they choose to subscribe.

GrantStation’s one-year subscription costs $699, their two-year plan costs $1,258 (a 10% savings), and their three-year plan costs $1,782 (a 15% savings). We will go into more detail regarding GrantStation’s pricing options later on in this article.

GrantStation Membership

GrantStation’s Key Features

Key Features

Now that you have an idea of what GrantStation’s pricing structure looks like, let's help you get acquainted with the platform’s key features.

1. Charitable Giving Database and Funder Profiles

GrantStation’s primary function is to help connect nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies, and other grantseeking organizations with sources of funding that align with their mission and programming.

To this end, GrantStation offers a database tailored to grantseekers located in the United States, Canada, and within the international community.

The database includes profiles for private funders such as community foundations, corporate foundations, private foundations, association grant programs, and several faith-based grantmakers.

GrantStation Key Features

Each profile includes information about the funder that will help organizations in the grant identification and proposal process, including:

  • Current funding priorities, guidelines, and deadlines
  • Contact information for key individuals in the organization (e.g. program officer, primary contact)
  • Website information
  • Notes and key “insider” information about select funders that can provide insight into their grants process.

For users who are located in the United States, GrantStation offers a database of federal public funding opportunities that are sourced from

GrantStation is also unique in that it has a specific focus on grantmakers located in Canada. While many other grant discovery platforms have an international reach, GrantStation provides detailed and key information about funders located in or with a focus on giving to organizations located and/or working in Canada.

Unfortunately, GrantStation’s platform doesn’t include any smart matching features, meaning users might have to do additional research to identify funding opportunities that best align with their needs.

2. “My Plan” Function

In addition to grant discovery, GrantStation also offers limited tools that allow nonprofits to track and organize important information about grant opportunities and funders.

GrantStation’s tracking feature is called “My Plan”. My Plan gives users the capability to create projects for specific program areas and for different funders.

“My Plan” integrates with GrantStation’s funder database by allowing users to create a project for a specific funding area or program. This function allows users to save foundation searches that align with the project to keep all relevant queries in one easily accessible space.

Unfortunately, this is essentially the only tracking feature the platform offers. GrantStation does not provide comprehensive grant management tools compared to some of its competitors.

3. GrantStation Insider

GrantStation publishes news about open opportunities in their newsletters—GrantStation Insider (weekly), GrantStation Canadian Insider (monthly), and GrantStation International Insider (monthly).

GrantStation Insider

These newsletters provide updates about grant deadlines, information about key grantmakers, and insight about the nonprofit sector to help users learn more about the grants process, funders, and how to maximize GrantStation’s resources.

4. Key Educational Resources

One of the most valuable features from GrantStation is their educational resources.

GrantStation provides a comprehensive collection of learning resources and training modules to help users become better acquainted with the platform. GrantStation provides expertise and insight about developing successful grant proposals and how to best leverage GrantStation’s tools.

GrantStation provides a variety of webinars led by nonprofit sector experts who are familiar with the grantseeking process, sharing vital information about how to identify and successfully obtain grants. Other webinars discuss interest areas relevant to the nonprofit sector and grants management to help users grow professionally.

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A Closer Look at GrantStation’s Pricing Plans

Magnifying Glass

As mentioned earlier, GrantStation’s pricing structure is relatively straightforward. The amount users pay only changes depending on how long they choose to subscribe.

You can see a breakdown of GrantStation’s pricing options below.

GrantStation Cost of Membership

For nonprofits who are still undecided as to whether GrantStation is the right choice for their organization, GrantStation also offers a quarterly payment option. Starting at $219 this is a great choice if you would like your organization to try out GrantStation but are not yet certain you would like to commit to a one-year, two-year, or three year plan. GrantStation also offers a discount codes.

GrantStation also frequently offers sale prices for their subscriptions, so keep an eye out for future deals offered by GrantStation if you are interested in using their platform!

There is not too much variance between the different GrantStation subscription tiers. As previously stated, each GrantStation pricing option offers access to the same features, tools, and resources. However, the two-year subscription offers users an overall 10% savings and a three-year subscription offers users an overall 15% savings.

The primary difference between the subscription levels is what is additionally offered to users who purchase multi-year subscriptions or opt into GrantStation’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

Users who opt into GranStation’s VPP will receive additional support from the team at GrantStation. You can contact representatives at GrantStation to learn more about their Volume Purchase Program.

In addition to the standard membership features and access, GrantStation users will also receive a staff-led web tour to train them on how to use GrantStation and its tools.


Furthermore, educational Institutions and other agencies that require large amounts of staff members to access GrantStation can subscribe to GrantStation’s Premium Licensing Program which provides customized benefits based on the needs of the institution. Pricing for the premium service begins at $937.50/quarter but will vary in cost depending on the size and scope of the organization.

Educational Institutions, libraries and other similar agencies can subscribe to GrantStation’s Library Patron Program to grant access to students and patrons who will need to utilize the database for their needs. This program cost starts at $399/year and an additional $299/year for organizations who require access for multiple buildings (e.g. throughout a university campus).

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Is There a Better GrantStation Alternative?


With over 60,000 members, GrantStation is one of the most widely used grant discovery platforms by nonprofits and other grantseeking agencies.

However, it is far from the only grant discovery platform available.

When determining which grant discovery platform is the best fit for your organization, you need to consider what types of tools and resources you need to meet your organization’s fundraising objectives. While GrantStation offers helpful tools, other grant discovery platforms may be of greater value to your nonprofit.

Instrumentl is one of the highest rated and most comprehensive grant discovery tools available on the market. Instrumentl provides fundraisers, grant writers, managers, and other sector professionals with the tools they need for successful prospect research and opportunity identification, resulting in a high-ROI for user organizations.

Unlike its competitors, Instrumentl combines grant prospecting, tracking, and management into one easy to use tool—guiding users throughout the entire grants lifecycle.

Instrumentl focuses on connecting users with current, active grant opportunities that are best suited to meet their fundraising objectives.

Instrumentl’s one-of-a-kind smart matching tool curates tailored grant recommendations based on the organization’s stated needs as well as funders’ past awardees and funding criteria. This feature helps nonprofits achieve their goals and positions them for long-term success.

Instrumentl Smart Matching Tool

Not only can users identify funders and foundation profiles through a comprehensive database with Instrumentl, but they can also search for specific RFPs and other active grant opportunities. Active RFPs are searchable through a database organized by program type or type of grant (e.g. general operating grants, capital grants, museum grants, workforce development grants, seed grants, etc.).

Instrumentl also makes sure that deadline reminders and funder updates aren’t left up to users to manage. The platform provides members with “auto-magical” reminders, updating opportunities on a 24/7 basis to make certain that grantseekers never miss a deadline and are always aware of changes to funders’ priorities and other relevant information.

Instrumentl Reminders Feature

Instrumentl also offers a large collection of learning modules and educational resources to help support grant writers and nonprofit managers in their work.

The platform provides grant writing classes, e-books and guides, free courses, and a blog to support nonprofit professionals in every aspect of their fundraising and grants management work.

Instrumentl offers several pricing options and subscription tiers.

A basic plan with Instrumentl costs $195/month or $179/month if users choose to purchase an annual plan.

For organizations or fundraising programs who manage up to 10-20 projects at a time, Instrumentl offers a Standard and Professional subscription. The Standard subscription starts at $299/month annually and $499/month annually for the Professional plan.

Instrumentl pricing

For large organizations who require a flexible, customized approach to grant discovery, Instrumentl offers a custom plan. The cost of each custom plan varies and depends on the organization’s size and scope. This package is recommended for institutions such as hospitals, universities, large nonprofit organizations, or healthcare groups.

Reach out to the professionals at Instrumentl via email and allow them to determine which subscription level is the best fit for your nonprofit.

Still uncertain? No problem!

Try Instrumentl’s 14-day free trial today and find out how the platform can help strengthen and grow your grants program.

Wrapping Up: GrantStation Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?


Determining which grant discovery platform is the best choice for your nonprofit is a daunting task. With so many options available on the market it can be difficult to ascertain what types of features and what cost works best to meet your organization's needs.

Instrumentl makes the process that much easier by offering a comprehensive grant discovery tool, intelligent matching capabilities, a library of high-quality educational resources, and an intuitive, user centered interface that streamlines the grant discovery process and results in a high-ROI for users.

Start your free trial today and find out how Instrumentl can best help your nonprofit grow and thrive.

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl is the all-in-one grant management tool for nonprofits and consultants who want to find and win more grants without the stress of juggling grant work through disparate tools and sticky notes.

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