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February 22, 2023

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January 11, 2024

If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser, it’s safe to assume you’re probably juggling a lot of different responsibilities—research, grant writing, project management, reporting, etc.

What if we told you there’s an incredible tool that could streamline your workload?

There is! It’s called Instrumentl.

The good news doesn’t stop there—keep reading to find out more about Instrumentl and to get your hands on some Instrumentl discount codes that you can use when you sign up!

What Is Instrumentl?


Instrumentl is a one-of-a-kind grant prospecting, tracking, and management tool that supports you throughout the entire grant lifecycle: from finding grant opportunities to tracking applications to managing proposals.

With a subscription to Instrumentl, you can streamline your entire workload, get matched to good-fit funders, track deadlines, collaborate with your team, and, ultimately, secure more funding for your nonprofit.

Throughout this article, we will walk you through many of Instrumentl’s key features, compare it to alternatives that are available, and even give you some discount codes so you can give it a try without paying full price.

Let’s dive in.

Instrumentl Discount Codes at a Glance


Everybody loves a discount!

We know that every nonprofit organization has different budgets and different resources available for purchasing tools like a grant prospecting and management platform.

Instrumentl wants to be accessible for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes; compared to many alternatives on the market, Instrumentl does a great job of offering tiered pricing options so that you can find a plan that fits both your needs and your budget!

To make Instrumentl even more accessible, they partner with some organizations to offer incredible discount codes for potential users.

There are several Instrumentl discount codes that are worth exploring.

First off, Instrumentl is part of the Grant Professionals Association Business Alliance, which means they partner with GPA to offer exclusive benefits to GPA members. If you or someone at your organization is a GPA member, you can access these benefits—including an Instrumentl discount! Through the GPA Business Alliance, you can get 2 months free when you sign up for an annual Instrumentl plan!

If you aren’t quite ready to sign up for an annual plan, don’t worry. We have another promo code to share with you!

Instrumentl offers $50 off your first month with promo code 1STMO50. This is a great way for you to dive in and explore all that Instrumentl has to offer!

You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial of Instrumentl at any time which lets you give the platform a try totally for free!

With or without discount codes, Instrumentl gives you the most bang for your buck compared to other grant discovery platforms because of its unmatched functionality and ability to help you win more grants.

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Is There a Better Instrumentl Alternative?


Instrumentl is not the only grant research database on the market. In fact, there are many alternatives that you could explore.

In this section, we are going to take a deep dive into the features and tools offered by some of Instrumentl’s top competitors to see how they stack up. We’re also going to share some valuable customer testimonials with you. Let’s go!

Foundation Directory Online

Foundation Directory Online by Candid is a well-known database of philanthropic giving.

Like Instrumentl, FDO offers detailed funder profiles that include past grantees and are searchable by location and category. Both FDO and Instrumentl also allow you to do a “reverse search” by looking up a nonprofit organization that is similar to yours to see who has funded them in the past. What a useful tool!

However, only Instrumentl offers smart matching to RFPs and foundation profiles while Foundation Directory Online does not. This means that you’ll have to invest more of your time and energy in your prospect research efforts when using Foundation Directory Online to find and determine if funding opportunities are a good fit for you.

There are a few other features that Foundation Directory is lacking that Instrumentl provides, such as a submission tracker and grant calendar. You’ll have to keep relying on your current tracking tools to manage these if you use Foundation Directory Online.

And unlike Instrumentl, Foundation Directory Online won’t send you deadline reminders, which means you’re still at risk of missing deadlines if your current calendar and tracking tools are insufficient. That is such a bummer!

Overall, Foundation Directory Online does a good job of helping you learn more about potential funders, but lacks in its ability to help you manage your grants.

Foundation Directory isn’t the only alternative to Instrumentl, however. Let’s take a look at one more grant database that could be an alternative to Instrumentl.


GrantHub is another alternative to Instrumentl. Again, there are some similarities and differences between the two databases and what they offer in terms of support.

Unlike Foundation Directory Online, GrantHub does have features to help you manage your grants—like a grants calendar and collaboration tools.

However, GrantHub lacks features to help you find and analyze funder profiles. This means that you have to spend your valuable time searching for and assessing funder fit for each new opportunity—yikes!

However, there is one feature that GrantHub offers that Instrumentl does not, which is a reusable library of your past application responses. This prevents you from having to write and rewrite responses to the same questions over and over. This could be a huge timesaver!

Overall, GrantHub has tools designed to help you manage your grants. And Foundation Directory Online has tools to help you find funding opportunities.

Instrumentl, on the other hand, can help you identify good-fit funders and manage your entire grants process all in one place.


Instrumentl offers so much more than what we can cover in this article, but let’s dive into some of the most unique, powerful features it provides that will make your life as a grant-seeker easier.

Instrumentl’s database sources funding opportunities from corporate funders, foundations, and federal and state grantmaking agencies. Its list of potential opportunities is comprehensive, meaning you won’t need to spend any more time on Google looking for grant opportunities!

Instrumentl’s database is also updated regularly with recent opportunities, so you know you’re always looking at up-to-date information.

Searching for funding opportunities on Instrumentl could not be any easier! You can filter search results using criteria such as keywords, geographic location, or specific deadlines. This means that no matter what your need is, you can search for opportunities that will be a good fit.

Even better—once you set up a project, Instrumentl’s search tool will always be searching for good-fit funding opportunities for you. This smart matching feature means you’ll no longer need to carve hours out of your week to do this! Amazing news.

Instrumentl Smart Matching Feature

Some other great features include:

  • Project management tools that let you organize your prospect lists, notes, tasks, and documents
  • Automatic deadline reminders—you’ll never miss a deadline again!
  • Custom reporting that you can show to your development team, chief executive, or Board of Directors

Impressive, right? It’s safe to say that Instrumentl is an incredible platform!

You might still be asking yourself, “Is Instrumentl worth it?” Check out these testimonials from current users—they certainly think so!

Instrumentl Testimonials
Instrumentl Testimonials

By now, it should be clear that Instrumentl is far and beyond the most robust grant search and management platform on the market. It offers more tools and functionality than any of its competitors, which will ultimately help you win more grants and raise more money!

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Wrapping Up: Instrumentl Discount Code


There’s no shortage of grant databases on the market. It’s important to take a deep dive into all the features that each database offers to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

We know that Instrumentl is the best option out there, with the most comprehensive and powerful features. With a subscription to Instrumentl, your entire workload can be streamlined to save you time—and help you raise more money!

Speaking of money, don’t forget to explore the Instrumentl discount codes that we shared with you in this article! You even can give Instrumentl a try for free for 14 days.

Happy grant seeking!

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl team

Instrumentl is the all-in-one grant management tool for nonprofits and consultants who want to find and win more grants without the stress of juggling grant work through disparate tools and sticky notes.

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