ATV/UTV Enhancement Funding

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Predicted deadline: Jun 12, 2025 9:59pm PDT

Grant amount: Unspecified amount

Fields of work: Outdoor Recreation Automotive Safety

Applicant type: Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach, Training / Capacity Building

Location of project: Wisconsin

Location of residency: Wisconsin


About the DNR

In keeping with our mission, the DNR is dedicated to working with Wisconsinites while preserving and enhancing the natural resources of Wisconsin. In partnership with individuals and organizations, DNR staff manage fish, wildlife, forests, parks, air and water resources while promoting a healthy, sustainable environment and a full range of outdoor opportunities.

ATV/UTV Enhancement Funding

This funding is issued bi-annually to non-profit organizations that promote the safe and wise use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)/utility-terrain vehicles (UTVs), ATV/UTV riding and ATV/UTV education.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • To be eligible for ATV/UTV Enhancement Funding, an organization shall meet all of the following requirements.
    • The organization is a nonstock corporation organized in this state.
    • The organization promotes the operation of ATVs/UTVs in a manner that is safe and responsible and that does not harm the environment.
    • The organization promotes the operation of ATVs/UTVs in a manner that does not conflict with the laws, rules and departmental policies that relate to the operation of ATVs/UTVs.
    • The interest of the organization is the recreational operation of ATVs/UTVs on ATV trails and other interconnected areas.
    • The organization has a board of directors that has a majority of members who are representatives of ATV/UTV clubs.
    • The organization provides support to ATV/UTV clubs.
  • The nonprofit organization shall use the funding for the following activities statewide:
    • Collecting data on the recreational operation of ATVs and UTVs.
    • Providing assistance to the department in locating, recruiting, and training instructors for the program.
    • Attempting to increase participation by current and future ATV/UTV operators and owners in the program.
    • Assisting the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Tourism in creating an outreach program to inform local communities of appropriate ATV/UTV use in their communities and of the economic benefits that may be gained from promoting tourism to attract ATV/UTV operators.
    • Attempting to improve and maintain its relationship with the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Tourism, ATV/UTV dealers, ATV/UTV manufacturers, off-highway motorcycle (OHM) clubs, as defined in s. 23.335(1)(r), Wis. Stats. [exit DNR], OHM alliances, other organizations that promote the recreational operation of off-highway motorcycles, snowmobile clubs, as defined in s. 350.138(1)(e), Wis. Stats. [exit DNR], snowmobile alliances, as defined in s. 350.138(1)(d), Wis. Stats. [exit DNR], and other organizations that promote the recreational operation of snowmobiles.
    • Recruiting, assisting in the training of, and providing support to a corps of volunteers that will assist in providing instruction on the safe and responsible operation of ATVs and UTVs.
    • Cooperating with the department to recruit, train and manage volunteer trail patrol ambassadors in monitoring the recreational operation of ATVs and UTVs for safety issues and other issues that relate to the responsible operation of ATVs and UTVs.

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