NAC: Artists in Schools/Communities Grant

Nebraska Arts Council

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Deadline: Rolling

Grant amount: US $300 - US $2,000

Fields of work: Artist Residencies

Applicant type: Government Entity, Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Nebraska

Location of residency: Nebraska


NOTE: Grant applications are due at least six weeks before the AiS/C program start date and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our Mission: The mission of the Nebraska Arts Council is to promote, cultivate and sustain the arts for the people of Nebraska. In doing so, the Nebraska Arts Council provides grants and services to artists, organizations and communities that:

  • Build creative and proactive leadership in the arts
  • Forge partnerships that create and expand opportunities for the arts
  • Cultivate new resources needed to sustain the arts in Nebraska
  • Establish the arts as basic to education and lifelong learning
  • Use the arts as a catalyst for understanding among cultures
  • Advocate for increased awareness and access to the arts

The Artists in Schools/Communities (AiS/C) Grant program provides funds to hire artists from the Nebraska Arts Council’s Teaching Artist Roster to lead interactive sessions conducted online or in-person. During the sessions, artists share expertise with participants through creative and educational demonstrations, performances, or guided arts activities in a variety of disciplines. Sponsors may hire an artist for an AiS/C Visits program consisting of three sessions or an AiS/C Residency consisting of ten or more sessions. Sponsors select artists from the NAC’s Artist Roster, which includes actors, poets, storytellers, painters, dancers and more. Grant Applicants may request 100% of the artist fee for 30 sessions ($1,650).

New for residencies starting July 1 or later:

  • AiS/C Visits or Residencies must be conducted virtually or outdoors unless hosted in a school, in which case it may be virtual or in-person. In-person school sessions must adhere to district and individual school health and safety policies that have been implemented in response to the pandemic.
  • Sessions, whether online or in-person, must be no more than one hour in length and no more than five sessions per day may be scheduled. Each session is restricted to a single classroom or group; you may not combine classes.
  • Grants now cover the full artist fee up to $1,650, with no matching funds required. All travel-related and accommodation costs for visiting artists are the responsibility of the sponsor. 


  • AiS/C Visits - Artists are paid a flat fee of $300, which includes three activity sessions and one planning session.
  • AiS/C Residency - Artist are paid $50 per session plus an additional $50 for a planning session. Artists are paid one planning session for every ten activity sessions. Ex: An artist fee will be $550 if hired to conduct 10 sessions.
  • If an artist must travel more than 30 miles from home, the sponsor organization or school is required to pay for travel costs. Sponsors may opt to pay artists $70 per day for each day the artist is away from home, plus the cost of lodging, or alternatively, they may opt to pay the artist a mileage reimbursement and daily meal allowance, as well as cover lodging costs.
  • Additional expenses for materials and supplies, when needed, are also the responsibility of the sponsoring school or organization.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Nonprofit organizations incorporated in Nebraska that are federally tax-exempt, public agencies and sub- divisions of governmental agencies, including PreK-12 accredited schools.
  • Colleges and universities may apply only when significant public participation is planned, with substantial evidence of service beyond the campus community.
  • Grants apply only to contractual artist fees.

Nebraska Arts Council

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