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South Carolina Arts Commission

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Next predicted deadline: Dec 4, 2024Dec 4, 2024 8:59pm PST

Later predicted deadlines: Jan 8, 2025 8:59pm PST, Feb 5, 2025 8:59pm PST, Mar 4, 2025 8:59pm PST

Grant amount: Up to US $2,500

Fields of work: Library Services Art & Culture

Applicant type: Government Entity, Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach

Location of project: Counties in South Carolina: Abbeville County, Aiken County, Allendale County, Bamberg County, Barnwell County Show all

Location of residency: Counties in South Carolina: Abbeville County, Aiken County, Allendale County, Bamberg County, Barnwell County Show all


NOTE: While this is a rolling deadline through March 2024, applicants must apply at least five weeks before project begins. No applications will be accepted after Monday, March 4, 2024.  Deadlines are dependent on the following project dates:

  • December 4, 2023, for projects beginning January 15, 2024 or later.
  • January 08, 2024, for projects beginning February 12 or later.
  • February 5, 2024, for projects beginning March 11 or later.
  • March 4, 2024, for projects beginning April 15 or later.


To support public library-led projects that stimulate partnerships between libraries and artists and arts organizations that encourage communities to participate actively in artistic and cultural activities in small and/or rural areas of the state.

Use of Funds

The RLP grant can be used to fund public engagement activities involving any of the following artforms: dance, music, opera, musical theatre, theatre, visual arts, design arts (architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial, or interior), crafts, photography, media arts, literature, playwriting/screenwriting, media productions, spoken word/slam poetry, time-based art (installation, sound, experimental film, video art, computer-based technology, or performance art), and/or folklife/traditional arts.

Funding will be considered for a broad variety of activities, for example:

  • festivals,
  • exhibitions,
  • workshops,
  • residencies,
  • digital projects,
  • and performances that have a public engagement component.

Libraries must provide a physical space for the community to experience and interact with artistic content and programs or to create their own art. Works of visual and performing art may be temporary exhibits, permanent installations, programs or performances offered in the library, or parts of a library’s viewable collections.

Funds can also be used to hire professional artists such as those listed on SCAC’s Arts Directory and Teaching Artist Roster. Artists labeled as Certified Teaching Artists on the Arts Directory have been additionally vetted by SCAC through the submission of sample lesson plans, recorded teaching samples, and letters of recommendation; we encourage but do not require grant-funded teaching artist residencies to employ Certified Teaching Artists.

You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the funder's website.


  • Libraries serving small communities are identified as those with a service area population of 25,000 or less and a rural community is defined as one that is more than, or equal to, five miles from an urbanized area.
  • An eligible library must be located within the following counties to apply:
    • Abbeville, Aiken, Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Calhoun, Cherokee, Chester, Chesterfield, Clarendon, Colleton, Darlington, Dillon, Edgefield, Fairfield, Florence, Georgetown, Greenwood, Hampton, Jasper, Laurens, Lee, Marion, Marlboro, McCormick, Newberry, Oconee, Orangeburg, Saluda, Union, Williamsburg
  • The applicant must be a public library, public library authority, network of public library authorities, or organization managing a public library authority as defined under the Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964.
    • a unit of government, OR
    • a nonprofit organization
      • currently registered with the S.C. Secretary of State’s Office
      • reflecting S.C. as the primary address on all current official organizational documents
      • with federal tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service OR applying through a tax-exempt fiscal agent/receiver organization
  • Any activities carried out within this grant must align with state guidelines regarding COVID-19.
  • Projects must:
    • provide opportunities for participants in an activity to develop their own artistic skills and/or produce their own artistic work, OR
    • offer artistic development opportunities to artists through activities such as residencies or workshops OR
    • provide opportunities for using the arts in new contexts
  • Applications must be submitted at least five weeks before grant-funded activities begin or purchases are made.
  • Matching Requirements
    • 1:2 (grantee:SCAC – the grantee must match each SCAC dollar with fifty cents of their own funds)
      • A 1:2 match means that for each dollar granted, the grantee must match with $0.50 of their own funds.
        • Up to 50% may be in-kind donation of materials and contracted services.
        • Funds may not be matched with another SCAC grant or with any federal funds.


  • It is strongly encouraged to use members of the S.C. Arts Directory for grant-funded group lectures, demonstrations, performances, classroom residencies, and short-term arts teaching experiences.


  • Restrictions
    • non-arts-related projects
    • activities that do not engage the public

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