WDNR: Surface Water Grants

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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Next deadline: Sep 16, 2024 9:59pm PDT (Pre proposal)

Later deadlines: Nov 15, 2024 9:59pm PST (Full proposal), May 1, 2025 (Letter of inquiry), Sep 16, 2025 9:59pm PDT (Pre proposal), Nov 15, 2025 9:59pm PST (Full proposal)

Grant amount: Up to US $50,000

Fields of work: Freshwater Conservation Water Resource Management Habitat & Ecosystem Restoration Invasive Species Control

Applicant type: For-Profit Business, Government Entity, Indigenous Group, Nonprofit

Funding uses: Project / Program, Education / Outreach, Training / Capacity Building, Research

Location of project: Wisconsin

Location of residency: Wisconsin



  • Qualified lake associations, qualified surface water management organizations, qualified river management organizations, nonprofit conservation organizations, and qualified school districts must apply for eligibility before applying for a surface water grant.
  • May 1 deadline (letter of inquiry above): Confirm organization’s eligibility to apply by contacting your local environmental grants specialist
  • September 15 deadline (pre-proposal above): Submit your pre-application. Your biologist will then determine whether a pre-application meeting is required.
  • November 15 deadline (full proposal above): Grant application deadline.

About the DNR

In keeping with our mission, the DNR is dedicated to working with Wisconsinites while preserving and enhancing the natural resources of Wisconsin. In partnership with individuals and organizations, DNR staff manage fish, wildlife, forests, parks, air and water resources while promoting a healthy, sustainable environment and a full range of outdoor opportunities.


The Surface Water Grant Program supports surface water management from start to finish. Whether your organization is looking for help with outreach, assessments and surveys, planning, project design, or management, there may be a grant program that can help you. Funds can be used for a wide variety of projects related to surface water, under one of two general categories:

  • EDUCATION & PLANNING PROJECTS help communities understand surface water conditions, determine management goals, and develop strategic management plans.
  • MANAGEMENT PROJECTS protect and improve water quality and aquatic habitat and prevent and control aquatic invasive species (AIS). Some projects require an approved recommendation in a management plan to be eligible for funding.

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